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Can I claim accident compensation ?

Having an accident is a stressful and traumatic experience. There is no reason why seeking compensation should be like that too.

We provide advice and information to help you understand how to make a compensation claim.

After a workplace accident

If you have had an accident or injurered yourself at work, then you may be entitled to claim compensation if:

  • - You have not been briefed about health and safety procedures for your job
  • - You feel that your employer has been negligent in some way
  • - You did not have the correct equipment to do your job safely

If you belong to a trade union, then you may be able to seek legal advice from them first. Otherwise you should get help from a personal injury lawyer.

After a slip or trip accident

You may be entitled to make a personal injury claim in one of the following circumstances:

  • - You slip on an unsafe floor inside a building such as a bank or supermarket. Possibly due to a liquid spillage that is not clearly marked
  • - Your accident was on a footpath or in a council house, where the local council has been negligent in maintaining a safe environment for you.
  • - Your accident was on private property or land, where the land owner has insurance or the means to pay compensation.

If you have sustained an injury as a result of the accident, the you may be entitled to claim accident compensation.

After a car accident

After a car accident it is important to do the following:

  • - The registration numbers of all vehicles involved. A note of the colour make and model of all vehicles involved would help.
  • - The time (and date) of the crash
  • - A description of the weather, plus anything unusual you notice about the road or lighting
  • the names of any police officers or witnesses at the scene
  • - A list of damage to vehicles, and a description of any injuries sustained by pedestrians, drivers and passengers.

After you tell your insurer about the accident, they may put you in touch with a preferred "personal injury" solicitor to deal with any personal injury claim. You are not obliged to use the solicitor that the insurer suggests. You may find it more appropriate to find your own solicitor. 1

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